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Slide Watch the TRAILER RETURN OF THE VULTURES, the 1st wildlife documentary about vultures Slide Watch the FILM ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE KHATA CORRIDOR, directed for WWF USA/NEPAL TIGERS IN NEPAL a photo story Nepal is the first country to double its population of wild tiger. DISCOVER THE IMAGES Slide Watch the TRAILER ZIMBRUL, directed for Rewilding Europe and WWF MISSION JAGUAR : french guiana a 6 episodes documentary
"To begin his quest, Emmanuel travelled deep into the heart of the rainforest. His starting point was a research station located eight hours by canoe then four hours on foot from the nearest village. With their roots embedded in one of the oldest exposed rock surfaces in the world – the Guiana Shield – these Amazonian forests are remote and mysterious. They form part of the largest area of protected rainforest in the world, covering a region the size of Scotland. Experts believe 80% of the wildlife living here is still unknown to science."
Slide Watch the FILM TARAVU, directed for the island of Corsica to save a wild river TIGERS IN BHUTAN a photo story The country where tigers are gods. DISCOVER THE IMAGES JAGUARS IN FRENCH GUIANA a photo story A 3 months project diving into the reality of French Guiana, trying to make high definition images of the most charismatic ambassador of the Southern American forest. DISCOVER THE IMAGES