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Pro Camera Traps

Professional Camera Trapping

83 pages to know everything about it, from technical details to artistic considerations

Camera traps are highly technical and involve a great deal of “engineering”, but they are also immensely creative and artistic. Once you have passed the technical problems, you discover a whole new creative world and can create unique imagery. Even if the technics of camera trap has been around for many years and discovered by wildlife photographer George Siras in 1905, it has been mainly widespread quite recently by digital photography.

This ebook is wrote with great humility and intended to give you all the information you might need for creating your own camera trap and start experimenting with it. The next step is then totally your own, the only limitation with trap is imagination.

On the gear side, this ebook focuses mainly on COGNISYS equipment (USA) and CAMTRAPTIONS (UK), and gives practical solutions for both a wired or wireless setups.


I have been thinking about trying dSLR camera trapping and with this e-book, everything is easyer to understand. The book will save you a lot of time and money! Its a great e-book.

Miha Mlakar - Slovenia

Dear emmanuel, thank you for the great camera trap building manual! i really enjoy photography and I'm not a technic freak at all. Your ebook helps a lot to figure everything out. I'm really excited about the results!

Moritz Ws - Germany

I very much enjoyed reading your e-book and am now using it to embark on a project of my own. The text and images combine to provide a crystal clear walk-through for building and deploying your own SLR-trap from scratch, so I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in doing so. Thank you for taking the time to share the know-how.

Andy Young - UK

I bought your ebook a while ago; just wanted to say how fantastic it is! It helped me solve so many battery issues & create some fab, unusual images.

Lindsay McCrae - UK

I think it is a fantastic and practical guide that leaves no question unanswered and really gets you started in camera trap photography.I can see from the images that you don't mount the filter directly on the case, but use some kind of pvc tube as a lens funnel. Would be nice to describe that in the tekst too.

Marijn Heuts - Netherlands

This book helps you to be creative both technically and artistically with your camera trap. Emmanuel gives incredibly detailed descriptions of his system, which makes this book as useful to the beginner as it is to the experienced camera trap photographer.

Sam Hobson - UK

I have been very pleased to read your ebook on camera trap photography, it has rekindled my enthusiasm on the subject and really is worth every penny (euro).

Dave Watts - Australia

Its an amazing ebook. I have been thinking about trying dSLR camera trapping and then this ebook caught my attention. It is making the process much easier, as it gives a thorough detail on what are the things required and how to assemble them. And, to add to the valuable information that the ebook provides, there are some amazing pictures, which itself is a motivation for trying dSLR traps!

Udayan Borthakur - India

This eBook is an incredible source of information for anyone either starting camera trapping, or mastering it. In such a niche market, this kind of complete start to finish walk-through is a gold mine. Ultimately, this book will save you hours of time and frustration by answering so many questions. Compliments to the chef!

Jamen Percy - UK

Just devoured your ebook. As a pro wildlife photographer, I've been wanting to enter into the world of traps for years. Now I finally know how--beyond a shadow of a doubt--and I will begin splicing wires and chopping up perfectly good pelican cases this weekend!

Paul Hassell - USA

I’ve been camera trapping for 16 years and still l found Emmanuel’s original e-book a great source of new information and inspiration. The upgraded version is even better.

Arthur Veitch - USA

Almost down updating my 3 DSLR setup with hardwire flashes, your ebook was well worth the 15$ spent and the instructions were easy to understand. Also Thanks so much for answering all my questions!

Denis Callet - USA

Your book is very good. Very well done and a very good value for money publication

Stephen Belcher - New Zealand

First impressions... WOW!!!! Where has this book been for the last few months! I've been camera trapping for a few months now and have spent a serious amount of money on batteries and failing parts. Now I can see a future with what I'm doing, and know I'm doing it the correct way!

Jamie Hall - UK

Great ibook and quite unique actually. Everything is included, with all details, on how to built a camera trap and how to make it work on the field. I'm thinking about making a pro usage of this and I recommend the ibook without hesitation!

Tico Haroutiounian - France

An ibook well built and simple that allowed me to easily understand how I can build my own trap and more importantly how can I make great images with it. This book really made me feel like jumping into camera trap photography, especially because of the breathtaking images it is illustrated with.

Vincent Limagne - France

I have been using camera traps myself and was looking at ways to improve them and so did some searches on the internet and your web page come.  I saw the ebook and thought for $15 if its not that great no big loss but I am actually very impressed and it was well worth it.  Well done!

Richard Shucksmith - UK

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