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Europe's New Wild

2018/2019 – 6 x 43′ – NAT GEO WILD
From rugged Balkan landscapes to river wetlands, from deep forests to rugged mountain peaks, explore the resurgence of iconic wildlife across Europe.

Once upon a time in the Khata Corridor

2019 – 1’30 – WWF USA
In Nepal, millions of people share their homes with wildlife corridors connecting National parks. This film is dedicated to them.

A Life with Tigers

2019 – 1’30 – WWF USA
The life and commitment of tiger expert Sabita Malla, making sure tigers have a future in Nepal.



Home to some of the very last pristine ecosystems in Europe, Romania is currently at a crossroad where decisions have to be taken in the apparent conflict between economic development and nature development. The successful project of Bison reintroduction in the southern part of the country could not only change the life of locals and their relationship with nature, but set the whole country in the right direction for decades to come.

MISSION JAGUAR : French Guiana


2019 – 6×5′ – WWF
Based in one of the most iconic scientific station on the planet, Emmanuel will collaborate with scientists to locate potential jaguars trails in the forest as well as with military officers to dismantle one of the jaguar natural habitat’s greatest threat: illegal gold mining activities.

Taravo - Une vallée en héritage

2018 – 12′ – Island of Corsica
In Corsica, a forgotten valley is home to an incredible wild river, the Taravo, a pool of Life like almost nowhere else in the Mediterranean region.
Shot in French. English subtitles available.

La bernatoire

2019 – 15′ – UNESCO
In mid-summer, in the Pyrenees, every year there is a migration of almost a thousand head of cattle arriving from Spain and entering France by a pass 2270m (over 7400 feet) up, an adventure experienced by a few Spanish farmers for over 3 thousand years. This film tells their story.

la dronne

2017-2020 – 4 x 5′ – European Union
The Périgord Limousin Regional Park, with the Bordeaux University embarked in 2015 in a 4 years adventure to restore the ecological continuity of one it is river, the Dronne, as well as saving a critically endangered and unknown species, the Pearl Mussel

Mission tiger : Bhutan

2017 – 6 x 5′ – WWF
Join Emmanuel as he journeys to the heart of the mysterious Kingdom of Bhutan in an attempt to capture this majestic species on camera.


2015 – 15′
Andre Kirilovitch is the director of the ‘Ussurisk Zapovednik’ (Reserve of Ussurisk). From the 500 siberian tigers present in the Far East at the end of the Perestroika, only 350 descendants survive today, but the truth is, nobody really knows what is happening in the taiga.

Travelling to Monte Perdido


2016 – 15′ – UNESCO
For almost 5 billion years, the energy stored up in our planet has sculpted, twisted and structured the earth’s crust (…) leaving behind it mysterious geological traces. The Pyrenees Monte Perdido site, radiating out over the Franco-Spanish ridge of the Pyrenees, is one of the most impressive of these marks of the passing of time. These 30,000 hectares, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, have always questioned man on the mystery of their birth.