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Yellowstone National Park in Winter, USA


Duration of the trip: 9 days and 7 nights.
Next dates: From January 9th to 16th OR from January 16th to 23rd.
Only 6 participants

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In 1872, the first National park in the world was created, changing the way people think about wild spaces conservation for ever. Because of this and that, it was named Yellowstone National Park. Discovering Yellowstone in winter it is truly like going back through times, looking at America like it used to be, wild widh almost infinite landscape. Totally about 2,200,000 acres, the park is often considered as the last big temperate wild space of north America, after Alaska. Travelling across the park in winter is taking advantages of many aspect: less touristic activities, an amazing winter scenery and a concentrated wildlife activities in certain areas.[/toggle_box]

Partenaire Agence de voyage : Objectif Nature.
Inscription sophie@objectif-nature.fr.